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20 December 2012:

New Catstamp Website Launched

Catstamp List member Greg Balagian of Providence, RI, USA launched his new website Wild Cats on Stamps on 20 December 2012. Greg is a renowned philatelist with a life long fascination for cats and is the author of American Topical Association Handbook 'Wild Cats in Art' (which we proudly presented in interim versions on this websiste) and a regular contributor to the COSSU publication Cat Mews.

On the website, Greg presents his exhibits, publications, articles, checklists and much more related to Wild Cats in philately. We congratulate Greg on this outstanding new addition to the catstamp websites!

Reported by Geir Arveng

18 December 2012:

Algerian Roman Mosaic

On 18 December 2012, Algeria will issue a set of two stamps dedicated to Roman mosaics. One of the stamps, denominated DZD 20.00 (inland letter 20-50g) , shpws a Lion.

There's nothing at the Algerian Post's philatelic websiste at the time of writing, but we expect it to be updated pretty soon.

The stamp can, however be pre-ordered from Oran-based stamp dealer Ahmed Benzine through his excellent website Algérie Philatélie.

Reported by Geir Arveng

3 December 2012:

Guinea Celebrates William and Kate and Offers Lion Art As Well

A Lion Attacking a Horse, c.1762 (oil on canvas) by Stubbs, George (1724-1806)

Reported by Geir Arveng

3 December 2012:

Monaco: Nude with Cat

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

3 December 2012:

Panther and Cartoon Cat in Russian Animation Set

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

20 November 2012:

Japanese Disney Stamps

Cartoon characters are very popular on stamps in Japan, and on 20 November 2012 Japan Post issued two self-adhesive sheetlets with various Disney characters, each of 10 stamps denominated JPY 50 and JPY 80, resepctively. Among the JPY 50 stamps wou will find Marie, one of the Kittens from the 1970 animated feature, The Aristocats.

Marie is also featured on the sheet selvedge.

There are no cats among the JPY 80-stamps, but on the selvedge you will find the Cheshire Cat from the 1951 film Alice in Wonderland.

If you understand Japanese, you can read all about the issue on Japan Post's philatelic website. We have also uploaded the two flyers from Japan Post (also in Japanese). Click the links for the JPY 50 and JPY 80 stamps respectively.

Reported by Mary Ann Brown

6 November 2012:

British Christmas Cat

This year's Christmas stamps from Royal Mail is issued 6 November 2012. The set consists of 7 stamps, and the top value - GBP 1.90 (overseas letter up to 40g) shows a cat.

The stamps are issued in self-adhesive versions as well as in a Miniature Sheet with gummed stamps, so the Christmas Cat will be found in two versions.

Theres a Presentation Pack where the cat is shown on the cover, and also inside decorating a Christmas tree. The PP is sold at GBP 7.25.

Furthermore there's a pre-personalised Smilers sheet with 20 stamps and Christmas related labels with the cat on the selvedge sold at GBP 13.60.

Royal Mail has also made lapel pins of all the stamps, including the cat stamp. The pins are sold at GBP 5.95.

The issue is currently for sale at the Royal Mail online shop.

Reported by Marci Jarvis

2 November 2012:

The Belfort Lion

2 November 2012:

Gibraltar's Endangered Species Set

On 2 November 2012 Gibraltar issued a set of 6 GBP 0.42 stamps (airmail rate to the UK) dedicated to endangered species of the animal world. Two of the stamps features felines, namely an Iberian Lynx and a Snow Leopard.

Along with the four other stamps they are also sold in a GBP 2.52 Miniature Sheet which also shows the Snow Leopard on the selvedge.

The Snow Leopard is also the main subject on the Miniature Sheet Presentation Pack Cover. The PP is sold at GBP 3.17 There's also a PP for the single stamps with a rhino on the cover (cats on stamps only).

The stamps and associated products are for sale at the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau, as well as from WOPA.

Reported by Marci Jarvis

1 November 2012:

Hong Kong Zodiac Leo

Reported by Elisabeth Hallsjö

Fall 2012:

Russian PSEs for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

On several occasions in the second half of 2012, the Russian Post has issued pre-stamped envelopes (PSEs) showing the mascots for the 2014 Winter Olympics to be held i Sochi, Russia.

As you might allready know, one of the mascots is a Snow Leopard named "Leopard" (sometimes also reported as a regular Leopard, but your webmaster thinks he is a Snow Leopard based on early press-releases and this promotional video).

Reported by Geir Arveng

30 October 2012:

COSSU Commemorative Postmark

On 30 October 2012 the first ever COSSU commemorative postmark was in use in Fairfield, CA. Author and illustrator - and COSSU member - Elizabeth Schoonmaker has drawn a cat on a US stamp for the postmark.

The postmark was announced at the Catstamps Mailing List in time for ordering (......your webmaster is not allways up-to-date on this site, so join the list today for comtinuous news from fellow catstamp collectors all over the World).

Reported by Marci Jarvis

18 October 2012:

Bulgarian Wildcat

In a stamp issue dedicated to the Ecology of Parangalitsa Nature Reserve, the Bulgarian Post issued a two-stamp Miniature Sheet on 18 October 2012. One of the stamps - denomnated BGN 1.50 (European letter rate) - shows a European Wildcat. Parts of the cat also flows into the selvedge design.

Reported by Marci Jarvis

17 October 2012:

Singapore Festivals

15 October 2012:

140th Anniversary of the Raab-Oedenburg-Ebenfurter Railway

Reported by Geir Arveng

20 October 2012:

Establishment of the New Lions Club of Goceano

A commemorative postmark for the establishment of the new Lions Club of Goceano was in use in Benetutti, Italy on 20 October 2012. Unfortunately this postmark came to our attention too late for ordering.

Reported by Elisabeth Hallsjö

14-20 October 2012:

3 German Postmarks

There are no less than 3 postmarks with heraldic lions from Germany in October.

On 14 October 2012 there's a commemorative postmark for the 10th anniversary of the twinning between Heidnheim an der Brenz in Germany and Jihlava in Czechia. The postmark shows the two cities' coats-of-arms, and Jihlava's has two heraldic lions. This postmark is numbered 19/393.

Then on 19 October 2012 the town of Drei Gleichen in Thuringia celebrates the commemorative stamp dedicated to the town (issued 11 October 2012) with a philatelic "Action Day" in the town Tourist Information Office. The postmark shows the coat of arms of Thuringia with its Heraldic Lion. This postmark is numbered 19/396.

Finally on 21 October 2012 theres a commemorative postmark from Backnang celebrating the 900th Anniversary of the House of Baden and the 60th Anniversary of Baden-Württemberg's Statehood. The postmark shows a shield with the three Heraldic Lions from Baden-Württemberg's coat of arms. This postmark is numbered 19/401.

All 3 postmarks can be ordered by sending addressed envelopes/postcards franked with German stamps (computer postage not allowed) to:

DE-92627 WEIDEN, Germany

The outer envelope should be marked with "Sonderstempel nr. " + the postmark number (see above), and must arrive at the Special Postmark Office no later than the last date of use.

Postage rates:
Germany: Postcard EUR 0.45 / Standard letter EUR 0.55
International: Postcard/letter: EUR 0.75

Reported by Geir Arveng

12 October 2012:

Ashoka Lions on Indian Stamp Day MS

8 October 2012:

150th Anniversary of Riga Technical University

On 8 October 2012 Latvijas Pasts issued a stamp to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Riga Technical University. The LVL 0.98 stamp shows the university's coat of arms with two Heraldic Lions.

The stamp can be ordered from Latvijas Pasts Webshop.

Reported by Geir Arveng

5 October 2012:

Austria Celebrates Madagascar 3

To mark the international premiere of Dreamworks' animated movie 'Madagascar 3', the Austrian Post issued a self-adhesive Miniature Sheet with 4 jigsaw-puzzle shaped stamps. Ther are two EUR 0.62 stamps (inland letter rate), one EUR 0.70 stamp (Eurpoean letter rate) and one EUR 0.90 stamp (World letter rate). Parts of the centrally placed Alex the Lion is spread across all 4 stamps.

The First Day Postmark from Vienna comes in the form of a stylized Lion's Paw Print.

The products can be ordered form the Austrian Post's online shop.

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

1 October 2012:

Presidential Visit to Ghana

On 1 October 2012 the Ghanaian Post Office issued a Miniature Sheet of 2 GHS 3.00 stamps commemorating President Obama's visit to Ghana in 2009. There are no cats on the stamps, but on the selvedge you will fing the Ghanaian Coat of Arms with its Heraldic Lion.

Reported by Geir Arveng

1 October 2012:

Serbia's 'Joy of Europe' Stamp

The 43rd Children's festival 'Joy of Europe' was organised in Belgrade in the period 1 - 6 October 2012. The event was marked by a stamp issue from the Serbian Post consisting of a single RSD 46 (basic European letter rate) stamp showing a child's drawing of a cat. The stamp is issued in an 8-stamp sheetlet with a central label (no cats there).

The drawing is made by 7-year old Darja Celisceva, student at the Belgrade Children's Cultural Centre's Painting Studio.

The stamp is presented at the Philatelic Pages of the Serbian Post.

Reported by Patrick Roberts

28 September 2012:

Australian Zoos

Australia Post celebrates Stamp Collecting Month with a stamp issue dedicated to Australian Zoos on 28 September 2012. One of the stamps doubles as a commemoration of Melbourne Zoo's 150th Anniversary and shows a Sumatran Tiger. It is denominated AUD 0.60 - the basic inland letter rate.

The Tiger stamp is issued as a gummed stamp from ordinary sheets as well as in a 7-stamp Miniature Sheet alongside the other stamps of the issue.

The six other stamps do not show any cats, but they are also issued in self-adhesive form in booklets, where you'll find a Tiger (as part of the issue logo) on the cover and on two non-denominated labels.

As often is the case with Australian booklets, there's also a so called "Chequebook" of 20 booklets. The Chequebook shows te Tiger logo on the cover.

There are FDCs for both versions of the stamps and for the MS, and the issue logo with the Tiger is used as a cachet.

The First Day Postmark is from Parkville, Vic. and also features a Tiger.

The self-adhesive stamps are also sold in coils, where you'll find 3 non-denominated labels showing a Tiger. These labels can be bought as part of a Collectors' Pack sold at AUD 10.50.

There are also several other items associated with this issue:

Presentation Pack sold at AUD 8.95.

Coin Cover with a commemorative 1-dollar coin sold at AUD 15.95.

Medallion Cover sold at AUD 19.95

Memory Card Game sold at AUD 12.95.

Window Decals sold at AUD 8.95.

The stamps and associated items are avilable from Australia Post's Online Shop.

Reported by Heather Symes

27 September 2012:

75th Anniversary of Irkutsk Oblast

Reported by Geir Arveng

25 September 2012:

Nepali Blindness Prevention Campaign

On 25 September 2012 the Nepalese Post Office issued a stamp to promote Lions Club's Blindness Prevention Campaign. The stamp is denominated NPR 5.00 (inland letter rate).

The Lions Club Emblem is also shown on the FDC - in the cachet as well as in the First Day Postmark.

Reported by Elisabeth Hallsjö

20 September 2012:

Aruban Domestic Cats

Post Aruba issued a set of 8 stamps dedicated to domestic cats on 20 September 2012. All stamps are denominated AWG 1.10.

The stamps are presented at Post Aruba's website, and can be ordered by e-mail from the Aruba Philatelic Bureau.

Reported by TS Tan

14 September 2012:

Royal Visit to Gibraltar

The Earl and Countess of Wessex - or Prince Edward and Sophie (née Rhys-Jones) - visited Gibraltar in June 2012, and to commemorate the royal vist the Gibraltar Post Office issued a Miniature Sheet of 3 GBP 1 stamps on 14 September 2012. The two individual portrait stamps also includes the Earl and the Countess' arms, both including Heraldic Lions.

Arms of the Earl of Essex
Arms of the Countess of Essex

The Earl's arms can also be seen in the First Day Postmark.

The stamps can be ordered for the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau.

Reported by Geir Arveng

13 September 2012:

Papal Arms of John Paul I

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

13 September 2012:

Lion on German Children's Welfare Stamp

The German Children's Welfare Stamp Serfies "Für uns Kinder" has often presented children's drawings. This is also the case this year, when six years old Lili and four years old Lars draws animals they imagine on their green supper plates.

One of the animals they imagine is a Lion that is featured prominently on the EUR 0.55 stamp issued 13 September 2012.

As is the rule for German stamp issues, there are First Day Postmarks both in Berlin and in Bonn, and the Bonn postmark also includes a crowned cat.

At the time of writing, the stamp is not yet presented at the German Post's website.

Reported by Geir Arveng

11 September 2012:

Winter Greetings from Japan

On 11 September 2012 Japan Post issued a set of 3 self-adhesive panes of winter greeting stamps. The stamps shows popular characters from Japanese children's books.

The panes consists of 5 stamps each, denominated JPY 50, 80, and 90, respectively. Two JPY 50 stamps and one JPY 90 stamp show cats. There's a JPY 50 stamp formed like a Christmas stocking with a kitten in a (suprise) Christmas stocking, from a book by Satoshi Iriyama. Then there's a round stamp showing two children and their kitten and their puppy in a Cristmas wrath by children's book illustrator Sasanuma. The topmost JPY 90 stamp shows a cat on a rooftop from a book by Y. Tagashira.

If you read Japanese, you can find more information on Japan Post's Philatelic Website.

Reported by Mary Ann Brown

3 September 2012:

Finnish Pets Booklet

On 3 September 2012, the Finnish Post issued a booklet of 6 self-adhesive stamps showing pets, two of which are kittens. One stamp shows a Tortie European Shorthair, and the other a Silver Tabby British Shorthair. The stamps are denominated 1 class (abbreviated 'LK' in Finnish and 'KL' in Swedish) - the basic letter rate. The Finnish Post has apparently at some stage been considered issuing these as 2. class stamps, as pictures with such a denomination have figured in philatelic circles.

There's also a kitten on the cover - probably the youngest kitten ever to appear on a philatelic item - and one on an undenominated label below the stamp pane.

The British Shorthair kitten is ahown in the FDC cachet, and there's also a stylized cat in the First Day Postmark

The stamps and associated products are for sale at the Finnish Post's Webshop.

Reported by Mary Ann Brown

1 September 2012:

Ukrainian Fairytales

Ukrposhta - The Ukrainian Post Office - issues a set of two stamps dedicated to fairy tales (second installment of a series) on 1 September 2012. The stamps feature scenes from the story "Zaliznonosa Bosorkanya".

Both stamps - denominated UAH 2.00 and 2.50 respectively shows a black cat (in the sachel in the 2.50 UAH stamp.

The two stamps of the set are issued se-tenantly in a sheetlet of 10 of each stamp with an illustrated selvedge. The stamp design of the UAH 2.00 stamp is shown in the upper selvedge of the sheet.

The riding scene from the UAH 2.50 stamp with the cat in the sachel is shown in the FDC's cachet.

The stamp set is presented at Ukrposhta's website (at the time of writing in Ukrainian only).

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

16 August 2012:

Another Round of Canadian Footbal Stamps

Following the stamp issue for the Canadian Football League's teams on 29 June 2012, another set of stamps dedicated to Canadian football sees the light on 16 August 2012. CFL's Grey Cub celebrates its centenary, and to mark the occasion, Canada Post issues no less than 9 booklets of 10 self-adhesive P-stamps (CAD 0.61 on issue) - one for each team, and one booklet dedicated to the cup's trophy. Furthermore there's a Miniature Sheet with all 9 stamps in gummed versions, and a set of pre-stamped postcards.

Two of the CFL teams have cat-related names and logos, namely the BC Lions and the Hamilton Tiger Cats. The logos are shown on the booklet covers.....

.....and on each stamp - on the players' helmets.

There are separate FDCs for each of the stamps showing the team logos in the cachets. The Vancouver, BC First Day Postmark shows a Puma's (Cougar's / Maountain Lion's) Paw Print, while the Hamilton, ON First Day Postmark shows that team's leaping Tiger.

The pre-stamped postcards show match scenes and the club logos on the picture side, while the stamp indiciums are designed like each team's stamps.

The stamps can be ordered at Canada Post's Website.

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

13 August 2012:

Grand Parents' Day in Mexico

In Mexico, Grand Parents' Day is celebrated each year, and in latter years the Mexican Post has marked the day with a special stamp issue. This year the stamp, issued 13 August 2012, shows an elderly couple and their red-tabby and white cat.

The elderly couple is also found in the FDC cachet - alas without their feline companion - but.....

.....on the pre-stamped postcard the cat can be found both in the stamp indicium and on the picture side.

The issue is for sale at the Sepomex web-shop, but as far as we know, they only accept domestic orders.

Stamp and FDC

Pre-stamped postcard

Reported by Mary Ann Brown

7 August 2012:

Domestic Cats from Tuvalu

23 July 2012:

A Zodiac Leo from Canada

In its ongoing series of the signs of the Zodiac, Canada Post issues four new stamps on 23 July 2012; Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio, of which the Leo is the one that catches our interest.

The stamp is denominated P for Permanent (basic inland postage - CAD 0.61 on issue). It is sold in a self-adhesive version from booklets of 10 stamps..... well as in a gummed version from a Miniature Sheet with all four stamps in the set.

There are also individual FDCs for the stamp.

The stamps and associated products can be ordered at Canada Post's Website.

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

12 July 2012:

German Animal Shelters

The German Association of Animal Protection Societies organizes a number of animal shelters in the German states.

To promote their work, Deutsche Post issues a single EUR 1.45 stamp (inland postage for a large letter) showing a cat, a dog and a goldfish.

As is customary in Germany, there are First Day Postmarks from both Berlin and Bonn, both of which show a cat silhouette.

If you read German, the issue has been presented in the German Post's publications Postfrisch and Stempel-Informationen.

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

12 July 2012:

The Baby Big Five

On 12 July 2012 the South African Post Office issued this year's Big 5 Booklet - this time dedicated to the younger generation: The Baby Big 5. The issue consists of a booklet with 10 stamps denominated Airmail Postcard (ZAR 5.40 on issue). The upper row of stamps comes imperforate on top and the lower imperforate on bottom, hence there are two versions on both the Lion Cub and the Leopard Cub.

Reported by Geir Arveng and Marci Jarvis

5 July 2012:

Ethiopian Monuments

On 5 July 2012 the Ethiopian Post issued a set of four stamps dedicated to the Monuments of Addis Abeba. Three of the stamps shows the Lion of Judah on various monuments around the capital.

Reported by TS Tan

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