Stamps inscribed 'Confed[eraçión] Granadina', 'Estados Unidos de Nueava Granada', 'Estados Unidos de Colombia', 'E. U. de Colombia' or 'Colombia'

1859 ->

From 1859: 1 Peso (COP) = 100 Centavos
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks
1975 Archeological Gold Treasures of the Sinu Culture CO19750411 ST 0_80 Stamp 0.80 Jaguar
Wild Cat Art
Pre Columbian Gold Pendant
1975 Overprints CO19751201 ST 1_20 Stamp 1.20 (on 0.80) Jaguar
Wild Cat Art
Pre Columbian Gold Pendant
CO19750411 ST 0_80
with new value
1991 Pre-Columbian Art CO19910824 ST 80 Stamp 80 Jaguar God
Wild Cat Art
Pre-Columbian stone statue from San Agustin Archeological Park, Huila.
1996 150th Anniversary of the Decision to Build the Parliament Building CO19960718 ST 400 Stamp 400 Winged Lions
Wild Cat Art
Statues on the roof of the Parliament Building in Bogotá
2007 Culture in Bogotá CO20071021 ST 3700_2 Stamp 3700 Winged Lion Statuette
Wild Cat Art
Golden Lion of the 10th Biennale of Architecture and Society in Venice

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