Stamps inscribed 'К. Српска Пошта', 'К.С. Пошта', 'Srbija', or 'Србија' [and 'Serbia']

1866 - 1918 Kingdom with Serbian stamps
1918 - 2003 Part of Yugoslavia, Serbian stamps issued until 1920 alongside Yogoslavian
2003 - 2006 Part of Serbia and Montenegro
2006 ->Independent republic - Stamps of Serbia and Montenegro valid in Serbia until
1 March 2007

From 1866: 1 Dinar (YUD) = 100 Para
From 2006: 1 Dinar (RSD) (= 1 YUM)
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Item Code Item type Face value Remarks SC
2014 Family Heraldry RS20141001 ST 23 Stamp 23 Heraldic Lion
Armed demi-lion rampant
CoA of the Nemanjić Family
MI 565
RS20141001 ST 74 Stamp 74 Heraldic Lion
Armed demi-lion rampant
CoA of the Branković Family
MI 566
2015 World Football Champions U-20 RS20150924 MS 184 Miniature sheet 184 Heraldic Lion (on selvedge)
Crowned Lion Passant Guardant
Fijian flag
MI B15

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