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In Vietnam the lunar zodiac also include a Year of the Cat in stead of the Year of the Rabbit in the "mainstream" Chinese tradition.

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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks

Hong Kong

Year of the Tiger 1974 HK19740108 ST 10c Stamp 0.10
HK19740108 ST 1_30 Stamp 1.30
Year of the Tiger 1998 HK19980104 BK Booklet 26.00
HK19980104 FDC BK FDC (Booklet) -
HK19980104 FDC MS FDC (MS) -
HK19980104 FDC Set FDC (Stamp set) -
HK19980104 MS Miniature sheet 10.90
HK19980104 PP Presentation Pack 10.90
HK19980104 PSE Postal stationary NVI
HK19980104 ST 1_30 1 Stamp 1.30
HK19980104 ST 1_30 2 Stamp 1.30
HK19980104 ST 2_50 Stamp 2.50
HK19980104 ST 3_10 1 Stamp 3.10
HK19980104 ST 3_10 2 Stamp 3.10
HK19980104 ST 5D Stamp 5.00
HK19980211 FRA Franking label 0.10 - 5.00
HK19980211 FDC FDC - Stylized tiger
Lunar Zodiac 1999 HK19990221 ST 1_30 Stamp 1.30 Tiger


1998 Chinese New Year US19980105 ST 32 Stamp 0.32 Stylized Tiger, Year of the Tiger
1998 Asian New Year Festival US19980131 PMK POM CA Commemmorative Postmark - Tiger head
Year of the Tiger
Asian American Expo '98 Stn., Pomona, CA
2005 Chinese New Year US20050106 ST 37 3 Stamp 0.37 Stylized Tiger
Year of the Tiger
2006 Chinese New Year US20060129 ST 39 3 Stamp 0.39 Stylized Tiger
Year of the Tiger